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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Buzz: 'Kamma Meeting' To Avoid Chiranjeevi!

This is the spy news revealed three days late. Kavuri Samba Siva Rao, the Kamma-Congress leader held a meeting at his home three days back calling all Kamma leaders of all parties. This meeting was held as an informal get together and escaped the media lens. Many of the Kamma leaders have come to the meeting and there is a film glitter as well with Aswini Dutt, Rama Naidu and Murali Mohan. Chiranjeevi supported for Aswini Dutt in previous elections when he contested from Vijayawada. But now Ashwini Dutt is among the group that resists Chiranjeevi's growth in politics.

The agenda of the meeting is how to integrate 'Aikamatyam' among Kammas. 'First Caste-Next Party' is the slogan. The threats with respect to Chiranjeevi's political entry are discussed in big way.

Initially they thought to give the leadership of this Kamma group to Venkaiah Naidu. But at last unanimously, everyone declared that Chandrababu would be their leader. The conclusion of the meeting is to push the glory of Kammas in politics and curb the entry of Chiranjeevi. A few leaders have told in the meeting that they would pool big funds from NRIs and industrialists of their community to spend for the unity of Kammas. How they spend that pooled-fund if any, has to be seen!!

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