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Monday, December 10, 2007

Vundavalli Arun Kumar's Online Fight With Ramoji?

Outspoken Congress MP Vundavalli Arun Kumar has now gone online. Yes, he has launched the internet edition of his weekly newspaper, Eevaram. Now the newspaper can be accessed via internet. Good news for the Congress sympathizers. More and more people around the world can read Eevaram and the ideology of Arun Kumar.

But one person is unhappy, sources point out. He is a media baron and does not want Arun Kumar to get wide publicity. With the internet edition in his hand, Arun Kumar will take on his opponents including the media baron with an iron hand. He will be able to disseminate the Congress information across the globe.

But the question that is nagging the minds of his opponents is from where Vundavalli is getting all the funds to run the media. Is he spending all that he has in his pocket for the sake of prestige or is he really getting some funds to sustain the publication? Unless Arun Kumar or his opponents come out with facts and figures doubts continue in the minds of people.

Apart from all this, he is continuing his fight on Ramoji by joining hands with ABK Prasad, the Chairman Official language commission. ABK Prasad is a Kamma but got betrayed by Ramoji Rao. He unleashed the darker sides of Ramoji Rao and his character which will be seen in the online edition of Vundavalli's Eevaaram.

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