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Friday, December 28, 2007

Buzz: Ramoji Rao's Land Business In Gujarat!

This is the historical point to underline by Telugus. After winning in elections Narendra Modi talked to Ramoji for more than 20 minutes just to thank him for the support given by his News Channel –'ETV-Gujarathi'. Modi was rightly glorified by ETV and that added a lot for his charisma, Modi believed firmly. Ramoji Rao seems to be keeping the CMs of various states in his grip wherever he is present with his ETV. He is not just confining his 'king maker activities' for Andhra Pradesh but spreading to other states as well.

Inside sources say that Ramoji Rao is in the process of buying a few thousands of acres of land in other states as well to spread his empire. Well, he may set up Film City or start his Eenadu News Paper in other languages as well. Ramoji has 'links' with BJP groups and he has got good relations with Venkayya Naidu and others. It is said that Ramoji wishes to have big lands in Gujarat, Karnataka and other states whichever are possible.

Let us see how far Modi will be helpful for Ramoji now.

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