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Friday, December 28, 2007

YSR tells the world that PJR is his friend

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Everyone in Hyderabad or for that matter even in New Delhi knows that Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy and former Congress Legislature Party leader P Janardhan Reddy are not at good terms. They had been at virtual war for quite some time. But when PJR died on Friday, Rajasekhar Reddy wanted to send a strong message to the people and PJR's strong following that he (YSR) was a good friend of the deceased leader.

But simple condolence message will not work. So Rajasekhar Reddy, first, announced that PJR would get official funeral. Later, he came up with the announcement that there will be a general holiday in Greater Hyderabad municipal limits on Saturday when the funeral will take place.

Rajasekhar Reddy came out with these two measures to ensure that the large fan following of PJR do not become angry. This is exactly what had happened. When Energy Minister Muhammad Ali Shabber went to the hospital, he was received by a hostile crowd. They shouted slogans against Shabber for the simple reason that he is the incharge minister of Hyderabad district.

But when Rajasekhar Reddy went to the hospital, there was no slogan shouting. Everyone welcomed the Chief Minister. PJR and Shabber had been at good terms. The problem was between Rajasekhar Reddy and PJR. But timely announcement by Rajasekhar Reddy had calmed down the anger of PJR's group.

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