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Monday, December 10, 2007

Chiranjeevi's 'Sample Test' Revealed Off Late

This is the inside talk that is spreading in political circles. Chiranjeevi, in his statement to media, mentioned that he didn't ask anyone to talk on his behalf or do show on his name. At the same time he did not condemn the news in News Papers and media immediately. He observed for a few days before responding to media (only in written form).

Sources say that it is like 'gummadikaya donga antey bhujalu thadumukunnadu' .

"No one asked Chiranjeevi if he encouraged his men to do show on his behalf. But Chiranjeevi himself said that he is not responsible for anything. But inside sources say that a close ally of Chiranjeevi ignited a spark and kept silent stating that Chiru is announcing party for Sankranthi. It's only Chiranjeevi's wish to know the public pulse, media reciprocation and the response of political circles regarding his political entry. It's only a 'test fire'. He understood various aspects in these days. He understood that there is thumping support from public, no media support from Eenadu and balanced approach by political circles. He also understood how many are willing to leave TDP and Congress to join his party if he announces.

After understanding all this, Chiranjeevi released his statement to media stating that the uproar about his political entry got ignited without his involvement. It is a very intelligent move, indeed.

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