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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fans Uncomfortable For YSR's Comment On Chiru

Fans of Chiranjeevi are uncomfortable with the latest statement given by YSR with respect to Chiranjeevi's political entry.

Answering to a question YSR said, "There are many people in Congress now. The party is like a big ocean. We welcome Chiranjeevi into Congress if he wishes to enter politics. The party that is going to win in coming elections is only Congress. Who ever fights and whoever emerges as new party, the ultimate winner will only be congress. And coming to the position that we confer for Chiranjeevi if he comes to our party, we will see after discussing with all senior leaders".

YSR's statement ignited discomfort among many of the Chiranjeevi fans. Fans say that Chiranjeevi would never step into existing political parties but start a new party of his own. A private TV channel covered the statement given by Chiranjeevi fans as a news byte.

The fans have been worried to sit quiet until their star announces the party. Many of the fans are showing uneasiness towards the silence of Chiranjeevi about his political entry.

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