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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

'Andhrajyothy' Continuing Its Chiru Business

Andhra Jyothi has only one mission and that is presenting Chiranjeevi's news as regularly as possible. As the news is hot it is keeping on cashing on the same. While Eenadu has been conventional in its approach in presenting news on Chiranjeevi, Andhra Jyothy is placing him on the banner almost every alternate day. The News daily also conducted a survey on the ins and outs of Chiranjeevi entering politics.

Although Eenadu claims it to be the largest circulated News Daily that proves to be situational basing on this explanation by a News Stand owner.

He says, "We bring 50 Eenadu and 50 Andhra Jyothy every dawn. Generally they will be sold by afternoon and Andhrajyothy by evening. These days we still find Eenadu unsold till the evening and Andhra Jyothy selling off in the morning itself if Chiranjeevi's picture is seen on the banner".

That is an evident for the selling power of a News Paper that puts Chiranjeevi's picture on its banner.

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