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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sureedu is Telugu Desam's Corruption Target

Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy's personal security guard and confidante Sureedu is now the prime target of the Telugu Desam, which is spearheading a State-wide campaign against corruption in the Congress government. The TD leadership has zeroed in on Sureedu and Sarasa Devi on the DPEP scam. The TD has put up the pictures of these two persons along with another scamster V Subrahmanyam on the internet with the headlines that corruption in the Congress government.

As the TD has now decided to launch a door-to-door campaign against corruption, party leaders will increasingly use the names of Sureedu, Subrahmanyam and Sarasa Devi, along with their photographs.

It seems bad days are ahead for these influential people, who have thus far been calling the political shots. It is to be seen whether the Telugu Desam's campaign will be successful and the people will show scamsters their rightful place - jail. But all this will happen only when the person who heads the government has the political will and guts to do so.

Even if the Telugu Desam comes to power, it will not initiate action against these scamsters for the simple reason that no one in politics is clean enough to initiate criminal proceedings against the other.

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