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Monday, January 7, 2008

Behind The Scene: Jayaprada eyeing on AP?

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Samajwadi Party MP and heroine Jayaprada seems to be toying with the idea of coming back to Andhra Pradesh politics and play a bigger role in developing the party here.

New Delhi sources say Jayaprada is fed up with the Uttar Pradesh politics and she knows that it would be extremely difficult for her to retain her Rampur seat in the next Lok Sabha elections, in the wake of growing influence of UP chief minister Mayawati in her constituency. She might try for a Rajya Sabha seat, but there are several contenders within Samajwadi Party.

So, the best way is to return to Andhra Pradesh, join hands with either Telugu Desam or if the situation demands, with Chiranjeevi's new political party, so as to remain active in politics. Who knows, people of Andhra might even crown this glamourous woman!

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