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Monday, January 7, 2008

Ramoji Rao Advised Chiranjeevi Not To Start Party

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This is the news from inside sources that Ramoji Rao talked to Chiranjeevi for quite a long time before the demise of Konidela Venkat Rao. He met him to give an advise for not to start party. He explained all ins and outs for Chiranjeevi and elucidated how he loses if he enters politics now. He said it seems that 2009 would be an year for TDP.

He added, "If you start party now, people get confused and Congress takes advantage of that. Congress is trying to color that the fight will be between only Congress and Chiranjeevi and TDP wouldn't be in priority. By this kind of indoctrination Congress would take an advantage. The ultimate loser will be you".

However, Congress people are openly talking about Chiranjeevi and welcoming his entry stating that the loser will be TDP. Majority of Telugu population is holding the same opinion now.


pothuri_40 said...

I hope Chiru will make a difference to the nation if he becomes CM for AP by uprooting the corruption in State. Both Congress and TD Party proved in the past few decades they are corrupted except for few honest leaders from both sides

== Venkata

nageswararao said...

I think Chiru is the future C.M.Because now congress party made the state as CORRUPTION STATE.Chiru can only clean this dust.So MEDIA should give priority to Chiru othrthan Chandrababu.

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