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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Buzz: Opportunist Jogayya Licking Chiranjeevi!

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Narsapuram Congress MP Chegundi Harirama Jogaiah has once again proved that he is the No. 1 opportunist in politics.

Being a Congress MP, it is totally unbecoming of him to say that Chiranjeevi is the next chief minister of the state. Hitherto, Harirama Jogaiah has been creating embarrassing moments for the Congress party with his separate Andhra slogan and he even went to Sonia Gandhi demanding separate Andhra State. He has been picking up arguments with the other Congress MPs too on this count.

Those who know the history of Harirama Jogaiah can recall that he is not a true Congressman. He joined the Telugu Desam; later moved into Congress; took a somersault into the Bharatiya Janata Party and then returned to Congress to become an MP. He is now once again contemplating taking a plunge into the Chirajeevi party, hoping that his Kapu caste would get him into the good books of Megastar.

Jogaiah incurred the wrath of the party high command for his unsavoury comments. If the Gandhi Bhavan sources are to be believed, the days of Jogaiah are numbered in the Congress.

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