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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Why Chiranjeevi Hugs Gaddar And Holds

Hugging Gaddar is equal to that of hugging Maoists. Although there are split of opinions among Maoists about Gaddar, on a whole he is being treated as Chief Campaigning Singer of them. Many of Maoists feel that Gaddar is a 'collection-king' who earned big amounts moving with politicians. Gaddar is such a man who pleases the people in front of him with mere looks and smile accompanied with well behaved nature and modesty.

Chiranjeevi likes Gaddar as a poet-singer first and he is continuing the 'hugging-scenes' ever since his inclination for entering into politics was turned strong. Whenever Gaddar meets Chiranjeevi he wouldn't adjust with hand-shake. He takes liberty to hug him. And Chiranjeevi also hugs Gaddar and holds for a few seconds allowing media cameras to record clearly.

Gaddar has very good crowd-pulling capacity and if things are planned well, who knows, he may be useful for Chiranjeevi as well.

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