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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fact Sheet: Letter diplomacy by Mallu Ravi

Former MP and State government's special representative in New Delhi Mallu Ravi is moving heaven and earth at the State and the Centre to get into the good books of the Congress high command and become the Pradesh Congress Committee president.

With Chief Minsiter Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy blowing hot and cold over his candidature, Ravi thought the best way to impress upon the high command is to get as many recommendations as possible in his support. So, he is asking every leader close to him to write a letter to Madam Sonia Gandhi recommending his name for the PCC chief post.

Among those who had written letters to Sonia Gandhi include Madiga Reservation Porata Samiti leader Manda Krishna Madiga, Union Ministers Sushil Kumar Shinde, Meera Kumar and Motilal Vohra. He is now running after Governor N D Tiwari asking him to right a letter to Sonia Gandhi recommending his name.

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