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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fact Sheet: Roja Shouting On Roads Again!

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Film actress, sorry former film actress, Roja is once again on the roads. This time she appeared in Vijayawada. Ever since she took over as the Telugu Mahila president, Roja has been taking up some or other agitation to draw the attention of the Congress government. But quite often she failed in her efforts and won the wrath of not Congress leaders but from her own Telugu Desam cadre.

Whenever Roja takes up some agitation, she annoys the Telugu Desam cadre to the extent that they lose temper and start shouting slogans against her. Not deterred by the protests, she has now taken up a mega agitation in Vijayawada. The issue is the murder of a minority girl studying pharma course in Vijayawada. A week has passed and the police are still clueless. Roja has become angry over the delay by the police in identifying the culprits and the State government to come to the rescue of the victim's family.

Roja blocked the roads in Vijayawada. Though she hails from Rayalaseema and has political stakes in the backward region, she wants to become quite popular in coastal Andhra and Telangana too. She is taking up similar agitations all over the State to ensure that TD president N Chandrababu Naidu gives him the TD ticket in the next Assembly polls.

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