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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Chiranjeevi gives breather for Cong, TD

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The "October 2 deadline" has passed and there's no news of film actor Chiranjeevi announcing a new political party in the near future. Though this is not something good news for lakhs of his followers and those belonging to his social group, the ruling Congress and the main Opposition Telugu Desam are a happy lot. The TRS too has taken a breather. But the baron of a media group, who has been thinking of a third alternative force in the State with the film actor in the lead, is also said to be unhappy over the "continued prolonged" delay by Chiranjeevi in announcing his own political party.

According to sources, the film actor is right now not keen on forming a new political party. He wants to study the political situation and then come out with his future plans. Moreover Chiranjeevi has still much of his film career left and if he jumps into politics, he has to leave the film industry once and for all. The film actor is weighing all the pros and cons before coming to a conclusion.

The Congress and the TD are happy over the delay. A delay of a few more months means that there will be no Chiranjeevi political party for the next Assembly polls. With hardly 18 months left for the next polls, the film actor has to announce the party now or wait for yet another poll due for 2014. But it will be too late. The new political party has to settle down and it needs at least one year. It took nine years for NTR to drive his nascent Telugu Desam to victory in 1982-83. If Chiranjeevi does not come out with the announcement before February 2008, it means that there will be a direct fight between the Congress and the Telugu Desam in May 2009 polls.

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