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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Opinion: Sunitha Williams Hype When Not Indian!

I am a Software Engineer working in USA .I am an adrant reader of great Andhra news. I really like the positive criticism you give to the various public issues. I have been seeing something in the News papers Lately, the Hype created around Sunitha Williams, First women in space.

Let's get into the back ground of Sunitha Williams. Deepak Pandya and his Slovenian-American wife, Bonnie, are the parents of American astronaut Sunitha Williams. Only Sunitha's Father is Indian and he left India long back. I am happy if we appreciated Sunitha for her effort , but the problem i see with the Media is they have made Sunitha Williams a super hero among Indians? , projecting her as the icon of india. How can she be an indian when her Mother is not an Indian and she is not born in India. If we start considering her Indian Origin then i think we can find lot of great people someway linked to the Indian Origin. How does it make India proud by giving pivotal importance to these people on their trips to India. Even the mother land of Sunitha Williams , USA is not carried away by her achievements.

Instead the press should be doing a better job by highlighting the fact that there are a lot of talented Scientists and Engineers, working in ISRO and other Government organizations who are under paid and over worked and media should stress the role Indian governement should play is to encourage these people to reach unfathomable depths of success, instead media and the indian government is carried away with the euphoria of Sunitha's achievement.What good does Sunitha visiting President of India or meeting some kids help? It's high time for Indian press to play a positive role for the development of nation and not to manufacture consent.


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