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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Practical Jokes On TV Irritating All

A college going girl waits at a bus stop. A man acts like a mad one and revolves around the girl. The girl gets irritated. As he is mad, the people around also take that easy although they shout for sometime. After looking at the girl's disgust, the mad man laughs and shows a cameraman shooting that from behind a tree.

Similarly, a man keeps on frightening the people shouting 'bomb'. After a while the man calls all the people who he frightened and shows a cameraman behind a bush shooting this practical joke.

Some TV shows are irritating the people with this concept they have chosen. ZEE Telugu's 'Time Pass', POGO's 'Just for laughs gags' and many other programs of other channels are of same genre. They are the shows where people are teased practically in public places and that will be recorded and shown for TV viewers for fun. Although they sound interesting for viewers, the people those get harassed or disturbed will get irritated that they go to the extent of beating the TV crew at some instances.

But still those shows are getting good ERP Ratings all over.

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