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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Chiru passing through "Sade Saat" phase

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Astrologers say that film actor Chiranjeevi is passing through the "Sade Saat" phase. Sade Saat or the bad seven afflicts all people on the earth during one or other phase of life. The bad seven years are known to cause heavy damage to property and public image of the individual. Many successfully come out of the phase by the Grace of the Almighty. But a few suffer during the period.

The film star is currently passing through this worse phase. The year 2007 was in a way the worst year for the film actor. The year started with one or the other trouble for Chiranjeevi. Several domestic issues put him to great botheration. His daughter ran away from home and married a person against the wishes of the family. Then the debut film of his son flopped at the box office. His brother is caught in a legal battle over a marital affair. And finally there was bereavement in his family.

Astrologers also point out that the next year too will be an uphill task for Chiranjeevi. Since he is passing through the bad seven years phase, his plans for a political party may backfire and will not yield any desired electoral result in the May 2009 elections.

This is something really bad for all those who believe in astrology and the Sade Saat phase. But it all depends on the Almighty God.

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