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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

NJ Telugus suggest Chiru to Tie-up with Lok Satta

Progressive Telugu Forum( PTF),USA has organized its Fourth event in Edison,NJ, on 23rd December as part of its national campain to bring Hope & Change in current political system in AP with the leadership of Chiranjeevi.

New Jersey Area PTF Co-Ordinater Srikanth Reddy Akuthota welcomed the audience and thanked them for attending despite heavy rain and servere weather conditions and holiday weekend.

PTF National Convener Ram Tatineni started the meeting with "Hope & Change with Chiranjeevi" message and explained the need of the day to get Chiranjeevi into politics for better Andhra Pradesh.

Several speakers participated in intelligent discussion on various aspects of current state of politics and what Chiru can & has to do with new party.

Mr Venu Palyam, Vice President, Marlabs Inc expressed confidence in the leadership of Chiranjeevi and started the discussion of how Chiranjeevi can take advantage of experience and knowledge of Lok Satha .

Many speakers agreed with Mr Venu and stressed the need to get into an alliance with Lok Satha as it has earned a clean image in AP with its tireless efforts on various issues such as Health and Education that are the most important factors in common man's life.

Other speakers include Satya Rayavarapu, Veer Tikki,Suresh,Shyam,Leela Krishna,Ramana Pasupuleti, HariKrishna and others.

Speakers raised concern about the current state of politics in AP and pressed the need for alternative political party .

Several people including local telugu families participated in the event and expressed confidence in Chiranjeevi's leadership.

Photos of the event can be viewed at the URL below.


PTF is organizing two more events in Bay Area and Los Angeles in California this weekend on 12/29 and 12/30.

For more details on these events please visit



Please visit www.chiruforap.com and support Chiranjeevi by signing the on-line petitoion.

Thanks & Regards
Ram Tatineni
National Convener, Progressive Telugu Forum

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