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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

'Swathi' Editor Balaram Is Worth Rs 1500 Cr

This sounds a wonder to know that many of Telugu celebrities from various fields have turned crorepathis of more than Rs 1000 Cr in very short notice. After film stars, politicians and media barons now we have to talk about a magazine editor who earned many crores of worth approximately Rs 1500 Cr now. That is Vemuri Balaram, the editor of Swathy magazine.

He started the magazine with many hopes and myriad doubts 3 decades ago in a small room at Vijayawada. His family background was also rich but not to big extent. He didn't earn big figures with his legacy and parental property but only earned on Swathy magazine. Balaram used to spend his earnings from 'Swathy' only for his livelihood and the rest he invested on acres of lands at various places. He believed in cultivating lands and procured many acres. His house in Vijayawada is now a sprawling one and requires big eyes to see.

His lands have got steep appreciation in the past 4-5 years and left him with Rs 1500 Cr and above now. Is that not astounding to know!

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