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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fact Sheet: Dayakar becomes TD leaders' envy

Wardhannapet MLA and Telugu Desam whip in the Assembly Errabelli Dayakar Rao has become a hero in the party overnight, thanks to his overaction at the Obulapuram mines in Anantapur, where the Desam MLAs tried to tresspass into the mining area.
Though it was Dayakar Rao who dealt blows on the police personnel, the media tried to project as if he was manhandled by the police and that he fainted in the melee. The entire media focus was, thus, on Dayakar Rao and the next day, he put up a big show by shaving his beard and taking bath in front of the police station. Naturally, Dayakar Rao's image has gone up steeply in the party and Naidu had a word of praise for his daring acts.
This has created an envy among the other TD leaders towards Dayakar Rao. Particularly, his rival in Warangal district, Kadiam Srihari, has not taken kindly the kind of importance being given to Dayakar. In fact, when Srihari was the minister in Chandrababu Naidu cabinet, Dayakar Rao used to grumble everyday for being denied the berth in the Cabinet. In 2004 elections, Dayakar Rao won his seat, while Srihari lost the polls. Since then, Dayakar's role in the party has been increasing and Srihari has been relegated to back seat. With the Obulapuram incident, Srihari is forced to play a second fiddle to Dayakar, organising dharnas and rallies in support of the latter in Warangal district. That's Desam politics!!

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