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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Opinion: Ramoji Rao Agreed He Is Licking TDP

Ramoji Rao agreed that he is the pamphlet of TDP in his editorial today. Shamelessly, he said that he called on people to vote for TDP in 1983 elections. How can a responsible News Paper (as he claims) boast this disgracefully? He also gave several covering inferno statements to support his act. He says that he was worried looking at the ill affects of monopoly of Congress in the state for about 30 years. He also said that he took the responsibility of standing as an opposition to Congress and encouraged TDP.
He recalled that he also wrote many things against TDP as well during its rule keeping the people's interest in view point. But how he earned the land for Ramoji Film City? Is that not by putting TDP on shoulders? The number-1 selfish old man, Ramoji Rao speaks about ethics in journalism which is a shame on his part.
Everybody does mistake. Standing with guilt looks mightier than the act of supporting it.
(Letter posted by greatandhra.com reader K. Raghunandan, New Jersey)

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