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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How Can Gali Call Chandrababu Like This?

It is really demeaning to the society. A responsible industrialist slipped his tongue in nasty way. The former CM of AP and the present Opposition Party Leader is insulted with that dirty word ('A KOJJA') out of rage by Gali Janardana Reddy, the head of Mining Company at Obulapuram. How can he use that dirty word? He also said that the day will come when people throw stones on Chandrababu.
"Chandrababu! Nuvvu Magadivaithey, Nee Raktamlo neethi unte Hyderabad lo naa intipai raallu veyisthaava? Nuvvoka Durmargudivi, Chetakaani vaadivi, kojjaavi..", said Gali.
It's really demeaning. Can Chandrababu allow his business run smoothly when he comes to power if Gali shouts like this? Well, who knows there will be no permanent enemies in politics! Gali may buy Chandrababu if he comes to power.
Talking on this mining issue, "It's Paritala Ravi who preyed on the mines of that area when Chandrababu was in power. Now it's the time of Gali to prey on that. TDP is with insecurity that the Congress would go financially powerful with this mining business. So to curb that, TDP is sitting on that issue. Another aspect to be observed is that TDP has been silent from the last 3 years on this issue and suddenly woke up as there is no other issue to tickle the ruling party", said a lecturer who teaches political science in college of Hyderabad.

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