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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

YSR gets 'Seema Simham' image!

Notwithstanding the hullabaloo created by the Telugu Desam members and the vilification campaign run by the media, there was an overwhelming support from not only the Congress leaders but also from other sections in Rayalaseema, to Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy for coming down heavily on Opposition leader N Chandrababu Naidu in the Assembly on Monday.
In fact, YSR is now being described as "Seema Simham" by the Congress leaders from Kadapa and Anantapur districts. For the last two days, the high drama enacted by the Desam MLAs at Obulapuram mines, making all sorts of wild allegations against the Chief Minister and his family, were irritating these Rayalaseema Congress leaders. They were surprised as to why the Chief Minister remained silent when the TD MLAs were creating a nuisance at Obulapuram. In a way, these leaders were feeling that YSR's silence was not in tune with his Rayalaseema image.
But, when the Chief Minister took Naidu to task in the Assembly, threatening to make the latter regret for having born to his mother, his image graph has suddenly gone up and there were wide spread accolades for him in Rayalaseema, though some Congress leaders from Andhra like Finance Minister K Rosaiah felt that YSR should not have used such harsh words. And YSR proved himself a dignified leader by tendering an unconditional apology to Naidu on Tuesday, with a rider that if at all the latter felt there was any reference to his mother.

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