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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

TV to play spoilsport for junior doctors

The YSR government has decided to invoke the provisions of the Essential Services Maintenance Act against the striking junior doctors. If the provisions are invoked, then the doctors could be arrested and put behind the bars. The government may even take disciplinary action.

But the major problem before the State government is, against whom it should proceed. So it has got a novel idea of identifying the leaders behind the strike. But how? Just go through the news clippings shown on various TV channels and identify the most outspoken striking junior doctors. Once they have been identified, trace their addresses and swoop on them in the dead of the night. Arrest them and put them behind the bars.

So the TV has in a way become a major headache for the striking junior doctors. The best way left for the junior doctors is to revert to the good old days when there used to be just media statements written on a piece of paper and sent to newspapers. Now that the junior doctors have come to know the real intentions of the government and the damage their TV interviews are going to do, they will be very careful henceforth and shy away from the TV cameras.

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