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Friday, January 4, 2008

All Party Leaders For Chiru's Father's Ceremony

While Chiranjeevi's political entry is making big news in entire state and creating tensions for many parties, on the other hand almost all the party leaders have participated in the ceremony of Late Konidela Venkat Rao organized by Chiranjeevi fans on large scale at Subrahmanya Maidanam in Rajahmundry. Leaders of TDP and Congress are seen collectively at that event as per sources.

The event went on in large scale where the religious leaders of Sikh, Hindu, Muslim and Christians have come to do prayers for the peace of Konidela Venkat Rao's soul. 'Annadanam' for poor people was conducted by Chiranjeevi fans on this occasion.

That was the following of Late Shri Konidela Venkat Rao in Rajahmundry.

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