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Friday, January 4, 2008

Nannapaneni Plays Drama With PJR's Death

Senior TD leader Nannapaneni Rajakumari has nothing to do with the internal affairs of the ruling Congress. As one belonging to the main Opposition Telugu Desam, Rajakumari has every right to comment on public issues but not on the internal fighting in the Congress, unless she has some ulterior motives or political considerations.

The issue now is the death of former legislator and senior Congress leader P Janardhan Reddy. He died in the very presence of Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy though the latter was not aware of the fact that PJR had suffered a massive heart attack. Rajakumari is the only political leader in the State who has been blaming Rajasekhar Reddy for the death of Janardhan Reddy. She alleges that medical facilities were not provided to the former Khairatabad legislator immediately. "The chief minister's ambulance was very much available on hand but it was not utilized", she said.

So Rajakumari has a grouse against Rajasekhar Reddy and hence she has been repeating this issue wherever she goes. All this is because of the greater Hyderabad municipal elections.' Make PJR hero and YSR villain and get political mileage for the Telugu Desam' is the strategy now. Will this strategy of Rajakumari work?

In the evening, a television channel conducted an SMS poll asking the viewers opinion on Nannapaneni’s drama at PJR’s residence. And 90 per cent of the viewers condemned Nannapaneni’s vitriolic attack on YSR!

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