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Friday, January 4, 2008

Chiranjeevi Wants To Confuse People and Win?

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Mega star Chiranjeevi has the ways and means of floating a political party and sustain it- Electoral victory or defeat notwithstanding. But the film actor, who is regarded as the Badshah of the Tollywood, has been dillydallying the issue and is in deep political dilemma on his future political plans.

Why? The answer is quite simple. Whether one likes it or not, the mega star is not mustering enough will-power and self-support to announce his political intentions. Or in other words, he is not politically strong enough to take a step this way or that way. The film star has set his eyes on the seat of the chief ministership and wants to grab it any way. But his dilemma is that he may have to bite the dust if he faces political and electoral defeat in the May 2009 elections. He wants a straight victory, which is very difficult to predict these days. The last celluloid person who could make political and electoral waves in the country was late NT Rama Rao. After him there's no charismatic leader enough to capture the hearts of voters.

The mega star knows this fully well. So he is releasing political trailers quite often dropping a hint or two about his political and electoral intentions. In the meantime, his brother Pawan Kalyan too had released a trailer about his plans to join the BSP.

This is all nothing but to confuse the voters. A confused voter cannot decide for whom he should vote. Chiru wants to win the polls through confused voters and not through enlightened electorate, as political analysts put out.

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