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Friday, January 4, 2008

Chiranjeevi Tremors In TDP and Goud As Dy CM

Chiranjeevi tremors are shaking TDP. The much worried person is now Devender Goud who is about to hit Warangal with the event 'BC Garjana' on 23 rd of this month. Now the task on the shoulders of Devender Goud is to control the BC drain towards Chiranjeevi. BC Vote bank has been very crucial for TDP all these years and now that is going to affect in big way.

Inside sources say that almost all the cell phones of all party leaders are busy since this evening as they were discussing further plans to combat Chiranjeevi wave. The coming days will prove to be testing time for many political parties all over the state, say political analysts.

TDP leaders know that it is the opposition party that suffers when a new party comes into light. TDP is bound to lose lot of seats for Chiranjeevi's party and above all that there are chances that many of BCs would jump into Chiranjeevi's party from TDP. Inside sources say that Chandrababu sent a feeler from Gujarat that Devender Goud may jump out with Chiranjeevi.

That is true indeed. Inside sources say that Devender Goud is holding negotiations with Allu Aravind putting a few conditions. "I come along with you. I need Dy CM seat when we come into power. If separate Telangana materializes, I need complete hold on the region"-is the tentative dialogue of Devender Goud with Allu Aravind. The response of Aravind is yet to be known. On the other hand TRS is planning to come into negotiation with Chiranjeevi to share Telangana seats on 60:40 bases (60% for Chiranjeevi and 40% for TRS). Let us see what happens.

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